The Event

Culminating a year-long endeavor that demonstrates how youth can connect

*  to each other

  *   to their schools, and

*   to their community


Sixth and Seventh Graders from ALL five districts of the Santa Clarita Valley

and 3- to 4,000 Community Members

Come together on the field of College of the Canyons’ Cougar Stadium

To celebrate a broad, innovative partnership base of individuals and organizations dedicated to publicizing and supporting the need for sustained arts programming for each and every student – from Kindergarten through the 12th Grade.

And with legendary drummer Mickey Hart setting the beat, a world’s record will be broken and funds will be raised to support and sustain the on-going efforts of the PAC K-12 Arts Education Outreach Program.

Rock the Rhythm: Beat the Odds is a tribute to the vision of community members and their continuing efforts to build strong, sustainable partnerships across all sectors of SCV—from teachers and Administrators of our five local Districts to College of the Canyons and the Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center to local businesses like REMO Inc.

From the germ of an idea to a now nationally spotlighted event, Rock the Rhythm: Beat the Odds reflects the evolution of Santa Clarita’s response to a growing need for prioritizing Arts Education in its schools, and the critical importance of an entire community’s participation and conversation in that mission.